Ahhhh I see. Now i know. Hihi :D
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♥ ♥ ♥
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Some catching up with an old friend plus these… :-)

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What’s left unsaid, says it all. #imy
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'Coz you have no choice but to keep it to yourself. Hays.
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082714 | Happy National Dog’s Day! ♥ #puppyloves
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Ang pogi naman, este ang ganda naman ng kasama ko sa pic na to. Haha! :))) @jhecsuarez
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When you exercise, wear all black. It will be like a funeral for your fat. Hahaha! :D

#RIPfat #gymtime #workout (at GnG Fitness Gym)
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082314 | Unforgettable night with my Hemodialysis family. What a night! Hahahaha

The flashlight-effect pic courtesy of @maggiexleyva :))
#mustrepost #effortpicture #shoturdaynight #goodtimes  (at Hana Masa Resto Bar)
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Ganto pala yung feeling ng tunay na hangover. Feeling wasted. Nyahaha! :p

#nomakeup #eyebags #bnw #sorrynotsorry #unforgettablenight #lol
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Now Showing na pala. Uhm? :*)

#Ifistay #wantedmoviebuddy :)))
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Some beauties are often on the flaws.
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Somehow related on your post, on the positive side. Nyaha! :D
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Some me time. :*)
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Na-miss ko na agad mag gym! Yay! :)))

#gymbuddies #girls #newfoundfriends (at GnG Fitness Gym)
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