Oh hello carbs! Why I can’t get over you? My all-time fave, pizza and pasta! Sunday means #cheatday wahaha! :p

#nomnom #chickencarbonarapizza #crabmeatpasta #saladpasta #carbs  (at Papa John’s Greenbelt 3)
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Teethless or teethful? Haha! :)))

#smile #selfie
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'Coz Sunday means rest day and rest day means day out. Off to somewhere. ;-)

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Enough with the drama. :)
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Milk tea sesh after gym with HD nurses. Say no to alcohol! Haha! :)

#Infinitea #chill #bonding
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Thank you Someone! :)))
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Blueberry crunch slice :)
#banapple #cheatday
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That awkward feeling.
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Age is just a number, young is attitude. Yay! Happy kiddos! ♥

#notsothrowback #StarCity2014
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Post workout #selfie ♥ 

Hello sexy bod! Nyahahaha! :*)
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After several weeks of planning, hello gym finally! First day high! Haha :)

#gymbuddies #workout
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Then and now. From Trinitian days to post college, I am glad that our friendship still remains. We may not see nor talk much often, you’re still my Bespren. Wishing you a happiest birthday! Hope you had great one. I love you and miss you already! :*

#HappyBirthdayIna :)
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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Oh bedweatherrr! (-.-)
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Colleagues slash friends! We don’t really have to try it’s always a good time! :)

#HDnurses #funtimes #StarCity2014
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